Does ukulele hurt your fingers? – Ukulele Swing

When ukes are playing, the strings are touching your fingers like crazy. It’s a bit painful. I like to keep uke close when i go on tour or on the road. My friend plays the strings and it’s not like I have to be so close to it. I don’t know why I’m not on tour, but it seems like there aren’t anymore good guitar strings that aren’t expensive.

What are uke’s differences from your previous guitars?

Well, I’ve never bought a guitar with a “dude” sticker or name on. I like playing with a bit of space, but it can be awkward at times. I like trying different brands because of the tone and feel.

When did ukulele become your favorite instrument?

I always loved doing folk music. When I came to Florida, I took the bass off my guitar and I started playing ukulele. I took to the chords, chords, chords. Now Uke, that’s when I get up in the morning.

Do you feel like uke represents your personality more than your other instruments?

I really like to experiment with different parts of the instrument. I like the feel of ukulele best, so it kind of takes over my life sometimes.

Where did ukulele take over for your guitar?

Wise Publications Ukulele – Thomann United States
I’m a guitar guy, and I don’t own the ukulele that I used to play. I got my first guitar when I was 19 or 20. My first uke was a Taylor Swift (?) that I got at a show. It was the same thing. I still had the strap on. So that’s the ukulele that I’m still playing. I used to have a Taylor Swift, but I got that in the mail and I was like “I don’t understand this music.”

Do ukulele guys play other instruments, like guitar?

No, I never really liked guitar. I liked singing, but I was too shy to play guitar. I would try to sing and play it for a time, but I got a really crappy voice. I can’t play the ukulele at all.

So you’re more into ukulele now?

Well ukulele’s like a “new” instrument to me. It’s new to my eyes. I can’t sing, but if I want to listen to a song,

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