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“All I want to do is save people from these monsters.” ―Lars Alexandersson[src]

Lars Alexandersson was a member of the Black Sun, an infamous criminal group which controlled the city of Darksseer. However, even without the gang’s rule, he was a strong figure for the city. Lars was killed by the Order of the Sun after the two were involved in a fight in his home.

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Early life and career

Lars Alexandersson was born in the year 2126. He studied under his master at a university in Skrittsburgh. After being out of school, Lars moved to a house in the outskirts of Skrittsburgh. While there, he met his first love, Katarina. Lars was quite the flirt, but Katarina had a crush on him since she was a young girl. Lars was still not the most popular man in the world, but Katarina thought him to be cute enough. After Katarina was able to convince Lars he was “cool” without him having to look it up on Google, they began a relationship. Katarina never looked back. Lars loved Katarina but was a bit afraid to confess to her that he was gay. After discovering that he was secretly gay and began dating Katarina, a jealous Katarina forced him to quit his studies. Lars then gave Katarina a tattoo that stated “Lars is a lesbian”. Katarina believed that this meant Lars had confessed his love to her, so she took the tattoo and wore it when interacting with her friends. Later Lars was shot and died immediately after the gun went off. Katarina’s love for Lars came back, but soon turned to hate and anger. Katarina became depressed and was driven to alcoholism by her love for her “loser” Lars. After Katarina’s drunken death, Lars’ body was left out in the sun for six months. Lars, still a man of his word, was buried alongside those of other victims of the Black Sun. He would have seen Katarina again one

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