How can I practice my ukulele quietly? – How To Learn Ukulele Chords Fast Enough Book

When you want to practice your ukulele quietly, it can be a lot easier than trying to play it in a busy room. All it takes is about 5-10 minutes to sit quietly and try to practice your ukulele. If you need to practice later, make sure you turn it out of your room (no lights, not even a fan), and then practice in quiet.

What do I need to practice my ukulele quietly?

You don’t need a large studio for this kind of quiet practice – however if you’re going to practice your ukulele, make sure you have a good practice surface and that you can sit down well and comfortably for 5-15 minutes.

I’m using headphones / earbuds – does that bother me?

If using headphones or earbuds, you’ll want to practice your uke by standing up, so make sure you’re close to the wall. Practice in a quiet room, and if you prefer to play on an acoustic guitar, go for that too and not make a fuss.

My ukulele is too noisy – where can I practice it?

If your ukulele has a built-in speakers, put them down when you practise. You’ve almost certainly got enough power to practice, however, some people enjoy doing it in a noisy environment.

How far can I play my ukulele?

You may want to set up a little enclosure around your ukulele if you want to practice in a noisy space. If you have a small room, have some kind of floor or an elevated area, you should be able to play a few notes before you begin to get your nerves about you. You will need a good ukulele for practice though – for this exercise you may not think you need an ukulele at all.

Can I practice my ukulele while driving?

Yes, but you may need a car to practise in. A parked car can be distracting – you could ruin your practice session.

Is ukulele music a musical artform?

Uke is music. It uses the voice and the fingers in a musical way. We’ve got the whole lot – ukuleles, guitars, percussion, drums, keyboards and more. If you’ve never heard music that’s just used all the time, you might just be left with an impression that it’s

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