How do you finger pick a ukulele? – Easy To Learn Uke Songs Tabs On Bass

First, the right string of a ukulele must be at least 32 or 36 inches long at your widest point. A string of 24-inch lengths is good.

If you don’t have a ukulele tuner , you can use the following guidelines.

First note that if the string starts at a sharp bend in the fingerboard, it is a no-no . If it is too high, you will wind up picking the string off the fret end instead of playing it. Note also that the string should be tuned to be a flat note, such as an E or G. The most common kind of tuning is E=A#, which is also the most accurate. Some string tuners may also tune strings to their own tuning. If you can play at the uke’s tuning point on a scale up to B or C, it’s fine.

For the rest, a string of at least 32 to 36 inches long is good.

For a bass ukulele, you can get started as soon as you decide on the shape of your fingerboard. A small-scale ukulele will require more fingerboard room than a big-scale ku, but they have different ways of shaping the fretboard. Here are the most common fingerboard shapes for bass and trumpet ukuleles and their positions in the string-tuning scale. Bass ukuleles have three basic fingerboard shapes: fingerboard a.k.a. flat-toed fingering, which is the easiest because your fingers are closer together at the end of the fretboard when you begin picking. And that’s the point! If you begin by using this fingerboard, you will wind up picking the string off the fret end instead of playing it in your hands. Bands using the flat-toed fingerboard may also wind up with bad pick-up, because they don’t start so close to the fret-end. To learn what a flat-toed fingerboard looks like, look at these diagrams from a lesson on fingerboard shapes (see left) and then look at this diagram of how to make your first fingerboard shape (see right).

Here’s the fingerboard shape for a fingerboard shaped like a trumpet. A fingerboard shaped like this is a great beginner’s shape since it doesn’t begin so close to the fret-ending, and it starts playing a fast line up the neck, too.

Bass finger

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