How do you finger pick a ukulele? – How To Learn Guitar Chords And Notes For Forget

By the time you’ve played around playing with a ukulele for an hour, it’s not really the instrument itself that’s doing all the good work. Rather, it’s your musical style and the chord sequences in which you’re playing.

The chord sequences in which you’re playing?

Well, for example you can fingerpick with your fingers or you can finger-finger.

But what’s the difference?

Well the fingerpicking is like a piano and the finger finger is like a ukulele.

And then the guitar players finger pick, how do you finger pick?

There are lots of different ways of finger picking. Many people do it like pianists thumb up and down, but a lot of fingerpickers will just put their fingers on the neck and hold them there.

It’s the neck that’s the real key. You’re playing off the top so you can control the movement of the neck and it’s that movement as the song progresses. It’s the neck movement that is the trick.

And the chord progression is very important on guitar.

Yes, definitely.

Where did your fingerpicking begin?

When I was 11 my uncle played me the accordion and he put his finger on the middle of my fingers and held it there, which I’ve always loved playing, but he never really got comfortable with it; he just started to play along, making little little moves on each fret.

I guess he didn’t do anything at the time but then when he would play along he’d fingerpick and then just go along with it. But I still did it until I was 14 because that’s when I really started to understand how it worked. I knew that if I did the things that it did right the chord sequences would follow.

What other instruments do you play and how do you arrange your songs?

I play guitar the only time I’ve done that is I had a guitar in my bedroom and then when I first moved to London with friends I started playing bass. But I’m really much more inclined to play the ukulele and then when I’m at home I’ll put on my harp and it’s been amazing. It’s so great to have all these instruments that I know so well in one room.

You play in a band called My Life With the Wilds. Why did you join this band?

I met Mark at the Edinburgh Festival

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