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What is the most common ukulele finger size and why? If you don’t know how to fingers pick a ukulele, then I bet it will sound really scary.

There is not one universal answer, but there are various common finger sizes. How is this possible?

I have discovered that each person is different.

I find that these people tend to be more familiar with one specific finger.

What does this mean and how are people to work around this?

Finger size is a very individual trait and you should explore the world of other finger sizes. For example, there is a finger size that is known as the “Finger Of Wrath”. This finger has five finger holes, not allowing any finger to ever come in contact with it. I have heard some people use this finger as a base for finger pick-up, but I have noticed the finger is also used for the pick-up for a lot of other finger shapes. I think the finger can be a good base, but you have to be willing to explore it a little more to find the one you like best.

I will be covering a lot more things in this blog in future. Check back soon for a full list of blog posts.

What’s your favorite place to jam?

I have heard from a number of friends I respect as musicians who played the local bands in downtown Atlanta with me that they have friends that actually play at the bar that my father owned and we would all jam there, or that they get together and get up and dance around the dancefloor. I love that the people that I want to learn from are the ones to hang out with and play music together and this makes you really feel connected to the place.

Does playing gigs contribute to your learning process in any way?

It does! When you play gig after gig after gig, you get the hang of things, and can keep coming back to check-in, and the more you play gigs, the harder you find it to keep up. If you are just starting out and trying to understand an instrument, or have no idea what you do, then playing gig after gig might be a little overwhelming.

I think that every time you play for friends you should have a song that you play. That way you can play over and over again, and you can find your own way to do things. Beginner Ukulele Lessons for Kids Book: with Online ...

Is it important for you to connect with people outside the music scene

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