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We took it apart, put it together again, and brought it back to life. We went the opposite direction with the sound. After being on hiatus from the band, we had a new musical partner in the form of Chris Vancampo. A couple months ago he showed us some things on the web and I thought we should get him on board and make a music video for “Noisy”.

You mentioned that the last song on “Noisy” was “The Way” from your first full length album A Day to Remember. Tell us more about that tune!

That’s a fun tune I like to play and that we played a few times. Chris had us jamming on it and I played it on acoustic. Chris used it in a bunch of songs, so it turned out good!

How long did it take you to record “Noisy”? Was it all in your head or did you really do some heavy mixing or any of that?

It was mostly just me and Chris mixing. The final stuff and everything to come after that is done in Chris’ studio. He does a lot, like guitars, keys, bass, vocals, the whole list. His studio is just over in North Dakota, about 15 mins by car from our house. We used a lot from his studio for this. Some of the stuff from all four of his rooms are used for the video and album. As far as the mixing is concerned, it was fairly simple all in all. Not like, “oh this is the real guitar parts”… or “I didn’t use a compressor… I used a compressor…”

The video was one part of the album, so there’s going to be a lot of new stuff and we really need your help getting the final sound done. Anything from a cover to a full song, it could all make the cut!

One of my favourites from the album is “Symphony for the Strangers”. Your production and your guitar playing on it definitely remind me of the old Van Halen/Rush. What are you guys up to next?

I’m writing and recording a solo album. That album is more than likely a full length album that you are probably going to hear, and it’s been around for a while. It won’t be out soon, so I can’t say much but it’s going to be a lot of fun to write and mix and mix and mix… We are in pre-production right now. We have a

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