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Practicing ukulele scales is very similar to how a musician would practice guitar scales. If you can play a particular scale without strumming it, then practicing it is a nice exercise. It’s important to also practice the notes of a scale over and over again. For example, you’ll notice as soon as you start playing scales, that the scales are always played one key lighter than the rest of the guitar scale. This is because the scales have a small amount of dissonance in them because they are built from strings that are more than half open. This is something the scale-making system cannot handle. You have to play them one key lighter every time a note is to played. This makes ukulele scale practice a lot of fun. You can actually see the scale and its notes if you can keep playing them in the earbuds of your smartphone.

How does ukulele scale work or not?

Uke scales are pretty simple to play. In this article, we’ll cover two examples where you’re learning to play ukulele scales, and we’ll provide you with exercises you can use in your practice room.

Example 1: The B6 Scale

B6 is a common major scale, and it is a major key scale. The first 3-4ths of this scale are very easy to learn, and you can play them on your guitar without strumming very much. However, these notes are not very loud notes. When you get to the last 2-3ths of this scale, it starts to become a very important note. When you can play this scale while strumming at the same time, it becomes an advanced scale we will discuss in more detail.

Example 2: The A7 Scale

A7 is a major scale that’s slightly closer to the A minor scale in sound. The A7 is an easy scale to learn because it’s fairly easy to play. When you learn this scale, it’s important that you focus on playing the key of the scale over and over again in your practice room without strumming the notes too much.

Practicing ukulele scales

There are two main kinds of ukulele scales as discussed in this article. For beginners, this is where you will focus on playing the scales over and over again, and also to practice how to play other scales that have similar shapes and harmonics. This is the “beginner” section. With

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