How do you strum ukulele with all fingers? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele Song Arthur

-I use a 3 finger grip on the snare drum. The same with the rest of my hands (all on the back of the cymbal).

How do you tune ukulele instruments?
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-I’m a pretty old-school type of player. In the old days, ukulele was played with the tuners and tuning pegs on the body. Then after World War II, I got this wonderful ukulele with a metal tuner and it gave me instant results. In your case, I use my finger to push up on my tuner but when I play, my thumb is the first thing I do. So, I need to be sure I’ve got it tuned properly when I start the tune. Then, of course, to get the notes down, I have to bend the strings. Once I have them all in tune, I push in on the strings and strum slowly to get the low notes down. Of course, once these notes are in tune. All the ukulele players, even those who played in the 60’s or 70’s, use those old wooden tuners. They will play almost the same way even if you have a new one on the board. I also use some of the new electronic tuners as a backup. The electronic tuner works better for us because every time we play, it adjusts the strings to get the notes in tune. We’re a pretty fast players so I usually have the notes down the farthest from me, even if I have a new electronic tuner in my hand, so I can get it down a little bit faster. It works really well for me. This is how I tune my ukulele.

What are the best ukulele instruments you can buy?

-These are the best ukulele instruments I can say. For example, when I was younger, I played with the new Gibson Les Paul, and it was a really good instrument for me. It was very different to the old Gibson that I played with my whole life. But those guys would have played the Les Paul anyhow, so the most important instrument to me was a ukulele. What I think is most important to me is getting a good ukulele, because I’ll never learn how to play an old ukulele correctly. I need a good piece of equipment that I can play all the time, so you get the best that you can afford

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