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From $120 USD

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What is the difference between a Uke and an electric Uke?

The ukulele is very different from the electric that it is. They are more suited for a larger audience than a less large audience. The ukulele can have a more controlled acoustic tone and a lower fret pickup. Also unlike an electric, they are very portable. This makes them much more like a guitar than just a ukulele.

What is the difference between buying a “starter set” of acoustic guitars and a “tourist set”?

There is no such thing as “a tourist set”. They are very different and are best suited for different types of music.

What is a “starter set” of ukulele parts and accessories?

A starter range contains at least 30 strings (6+ strings) and accessories for about $180 USD. The majority of starter sets are not for beginners as you can see on the main ukulele page.

What is the difference between a ukulele and a “normal” ukulele.

A ukulele can sound and feel very much like a normal ukulele and is a very fun instrument. All ukulele types are different and they have different characteristics and benefits.

What is the difference between a ukulele and an electric kukke?

A kukke is a great kukke for beginners. It has a lot less string tension for a lot less fret pressure and the sound is higher quality than that of an electric ukulele. As an instrument for beginners, it can be a much safer instrument.

What is the difference between an electric ukulele and a regular ukulele ?

An electric ukulele is much easier to play than an acoustic ukulele. An electric ukulele has less string tension per fret and higher string volume. It also has a longer sustain.

What is a beginner ukulele?

For a beginner guitar player to make any amount of progress, there are quite a few different instruments that will help him and help him learn more. As an example of what I mean by beginners ukuleles is the Fender Fender American Standard (S-300) that has a slightly lower fretting fret and higher tension of a normal ukulele.

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