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It’s a lot. You shouldn’t be paying more than that for a quality instrument, but that’s part of why we made the ukulele for the studio at a fraction of its price. As for the sound, we are pleased with the sound and feel of our instrument. It’s an odd instrument, as most ukuleles are built with a neck and a body, and a thin back with a high string bridge. Not our ukulele. The ukulele’s head is carved in a different material, which is a material more reminiscent of the wood of a piano than a plastic surface. That means it’s a bit heavier than most ukuleles, but that doesn’t mean a ukulele will be sluggish. We found the instrument to be a joy to play, and our experience has been that the less you play, the louder your uke becomes. If there’s anyone who wants to get started in playing music on an instrument they can be really comfortable with, this would be it. The ukulele can be easily carried in your wallet and sits easily on a table, which is good since the ukulele’s design is not as portable as other instruments.

One thing I wish the ukulele had was a volume knob, as I’ve only had a couple of other acoustic guitars that have a volume knob. The only option on the ukulele was through the volume-control knob on each side of the instrument. It wasn’t easy to find a volume knob from the ukulele’s side, but there are several companies that offer a knob for the bridge too. If you get the ukulele, please check out our videos on the ukulele to learn how it plays.

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The ukulele fits in your pocket or purse just like any other acoustic guitar. It’s small enough to sit comfortably in your lap, without feeling cumbersome. The ukulele is light, but not so light that it feels like a toy. Its not overly heavy, if it makes a sound to you, it’s a solid performer, and will be an excellent choice for musicians or others who don’t want to have to worry about taking things out of luggage. The ukulele doesn’t feel like an awkward little guitar like many of the acoustic guitars I have. It feels more like a true instrument than a guitar at first, which is why most musicians and others who have had the uke will say

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