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First of all, most ukulele players should get your hands on some of our ukulele lesson packs to get a good idea of what a beginner ukulele cost. We have two ukulele lessons packs that are ideal for beginners. We offer ukulele lessons that are fun, educational and that cover lessons for beginner to intermediate players, you do not need to be a musician to play a ukulele. The lessons range from beginner to advanced and are suitable for all levels.

In addition to lessons we offer in the studio there are several options when it comes to buying equipment in our store. We have the options to buy ukulele lesson bags and accessories, you can shop with confidence with our selection. Our ukulele lesson bags come in the traditional wood, ivory and leather styles, with a range of sizes to fit everyone’s style.

If you want to buy a new ukulele for around 3,400£, we have a wide selection of ukulele starter kits in our store, or you can order your own equipment from ukulele-in-the-box.

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How To Start Learning Guitar For Anyone!
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