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I know this question has been on the mind for a while but I can finally answer it. Let’s examine the specs and price list together:

Ukulele Price Specs:

Size: 10 3/8″ (25.5cm)

Wingspan: 12.5″ (31.5cm)

Worth: $300

Sound: 10/10

Feel: 10/10

Overall: A nice set of instruments and the instrument selection was good including some unique things, they are also one of the few ukulele manufacturers that makes strings in the USA.

Summary: I had heard the ukulele for many years, and when I finally got it (for just under a thousand) I was very happy with the sound. My instrument didn’t sound “heavy”, but still a bit heavy for my tastes. The body is very heavy for a 9th string, it’s also quite warm and sounds “airy” in comparison to more expensive instruments. I felt it had a good, accurate and enjoyable play.

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Bass: Really comfortable and powerful.

Bumpers: Really smooth bumpers

Body: Very solid, the only thing in the body is a tiny screwdriver and two tiny metal pieces, the rest of the body is solid steel.


Weight: The ukulele is only 7.3 lbs

Comfort: Not so good

Sound: Not sure if the sound is great, it does sound decent.

Stability: The ukulele doesn’t even come with the strap, it’s not meant to be used alone, not really.

Overall: I give the ukulele a 7.5 for sound, and 7.0 for comfort, you are not going to find a more comfortable and sound good instrument. I think that when a good ukulele does go on sale, it sells for around ~$250 to make the price more appealing.

Would I buy again? Yeah, I will.

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