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You should be getting a small ukulele which fits the bill. They tend to be a good value, well built, easy to carry, and fairly quiet. There are also plenty of ukulele brands you can use. I love my ukulele and am still playing it with the same chords I play on an acoustic guitar, so there’s nothing really wrong. But when I think about the price of something, I consider the quality of the parts and how you can repair them. Most modern ukuleles are pretty solid, with nice sound quality. And when you’re upgrading from an older ukulele, it’s usually worthwhile just to get one new from a manufacturer instead of buying a used ukulele. If you decide to go with a brand new ukulele, check the specifications of the manufacturer. If one of the specifications isn’t met, consider getting a new ukulele. And I’m not alone.

So, with that out of the way, the following is a pretty comprehensive list of the ukulele price index. I’m going to start with the “low end.” There is no way to do them all in one post. But let’s get started.

The best ukulele for a beginner should be worth at least $200 in good condition by the time you’ve completed 2-3 years of lessons. I’ve found that the better condition ukuleles are not that cheap, and are hard to find. You need to get the “old school” ukuleles that are $500+ new. For all you guys out there, who have played ukuleles in your life, I present you with 9 awesome little oldschool ukuleles that cost $500+ that you should be able to buy for $200 in good new condition.
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9 ukuleles for under $500

These are 9 ukuleles you can get for $500+ in good new condition. Note that these items were purchased on auction websites, on ebay, or from a local music store. These 9 ukuleles are from the best manufacturers in Japan. They have been refurbished and re-made to match their original looks and materials.

The cheapest ukuleles you can get for your current money are the $75 Tamai RY-250 (which is not listed above). If you can get this one for $75, by all means get it

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