How much should I charge for ukulele lessons? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern For Edelweiss Login

While we love playing ukulele music with you we also realize there are times that you would like to sit down and practice with us. If you are feeling adventurous, please check out our rates, you can find these all here.

Where can I sign up to come around?

If you have any questions about Uke School and our ukulele lessons. Email us and we will help you out. Uke School is a great way for both beginners and seasoned players to get together and come along for a fun afternoon.

When should I start?

Start anytime up to an hour before first lesson. Start practicing, taking notes and building up your sound.

What should I bring?

You should bring a sheet music, a small ukulele and your favourite instrument such as your acoustic guitar, viola, trombone, keyboard or electric guitar. You can bring in your laptop or other musical devices for practice. You should also bring a pencil and paper for your notes and keep a spare sheet music or sheet music.

What if I am not ready to begin lessons?

If you don’t feel ready to begin your next lesson, no worries. Simply let us know and we will do our best to make you ready to begin the next lesson with ease. Just let us know and we will see you in our next lesson!

How many hours a week do you run?

We run up to an hour and a half on any week or day of the week and up to 4 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. If a lesson is longer than 4 hours we try to accommodate you until your next lesson.

Is the music taught in the class?

There is absolutely no music taught. We simply play the music that we have been taught. There are no lessons, no lessons just playing whatever we feel is comfortable. We also do our best to encourage all our students to explore the music.

What will we be playing?

Most of the music in class will likely be from all parts of the world with a wide range of styles and styles, from classical, to traditional music or modern.

All of our ukulele lessons come as a complete package, you can listen to the ukulele music in our practice rooms, at home or on the bus. It is up to you as how long you want to practice and what music you are comfortable with! We have a practice floor you can

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