How much should I charge for ukulele lessons? – Ukulele Learn App

There is no set price but you will want to price a minimum of $25 (for lessons) and $100 (for more in-depth lessons where you will be teaching and practicing). There are other places and websites where you can book lessons, but I cannot find it here yet.

I was told a teacher is $100 and only available on Saturdays?

Yes there are classes on Sundays! It is the first Saturday of each month at 8:00 A.M. In the past, it was $50 and then later a few months ago a special $70 price added to it. My teacher, Mike Riggs, is available from time to time. Just let him know that it is Saturday and that you are looking at getting in-person lessons.

I have already booked and received lessons. Where do I go next to get them?

Contact Mike on e-mail.

I am interested in teaching but my ukulele is less than good or my technique is suspect. What do I do?

You can always play at an advanced level and you should. However, I would definitely be fine with a ukulele in good condition. If you are looking for a cheaper, less experienced ukulele that will be easier for beginners to play, I recommend a few of these: Ukiah: $90, or $60 for beginner ukulele

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Kodak: $160 for beginner ukulele

Yamaha: $200 (if you have no knowledge at all about bass)

Toblerone: $40 – $60 (if you have no knowledge at all about bass)

Sigmas: $95 – $80

Vox: $200 – $300 (if you have no knowledge at all about bass)

Violet: $65 – $80

KLH: $70 – $100 (if you have no knowledge at all about bass)

Mesa: $60 – 80

My ukulele has an open string and would it be a good fit for me?

If your instrument has an open string it is most likely not the best fit, but if it does have a good sound and it is a well-made one, then I would strongly recommend it.

My instruments have been used and damaged. Do you know if they are replacement pieces or are they original items or are they “custom”

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