How much should I charge for ukulele lessons? – Ukulele Manual

Our lessons are free – but as is the case in the rest of the UK there is always the chance that lessons will be of a different value or frequency. This is because our lesson system, and that of your teacher, is determined by the complexity of your instrument. We make lessons from a large range of recordings and there are also lessons on different scales.

The main way to gauge the value of a lesson and to estimate how much time you are likely to spend is to ask yourself how likely are you to learn something new and get something that will interest you?

For example, when playing the ukulele, we like to ask: ‘what would you do in the same situation and with the same instrument? And how often?’ It’s also helpful to know from our music what you know about our teaching style. For example, if you find our music interesting, then you might look to hear more and be more inclined to join us to improve your playing, or if you want to do a personal project we might ask you ‘how would you go about writing a solo piece?’

How often should we offer lessons?

Your teacher’s time is limited so be sure to ask and hear the response that you are getting! If we are still unsure, we will be happy to offer another lesson or see if there is another ukulele playing group nearby so we can decide for you! We can also offer additional recordings of our lessons.

What do we play?

We play some of the best known and iconic ukuleles available in the world – there are no substitutes for playing a tune by one of the greats. We also play other instruments as needed for each lesson – if the ukulele is too difficult we might use a different ukulele.

The aim of each lesson is to provide you with the understanding of the ukulele as a whole. It will enable you to play along with the ukulele in a way that gives you confidence to play.

If you are new to the ukulele learning process then please go into the lessons with confidence so that your first few lessons work out better for you. If you are very comfortable with the ukulele, please let us know what you already know so we can give you some practical help in moving around the ukulele in everyday settings.

To find the ukulele or ukulele group nearest you click here.

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