How much should I charge for ukulele lessons? – Ukulele Minor Chords

You should charge for ukulele lessons, but not for lessons in the traditional repertoire, for most ukulele players are playing for their private enjoyment. You could charge around 50 euros or £25 for the lesson in ukulele. However, if you are playing more difficult songs and you want to learn everything, you should have lessons in the traditional repertoire.

Do I need music theory?

While it is recommended to have a thorough knowledge of music theory (and there are some music theory books you could use, including the wonderful Music Theory for Ukuleles). There are no compulsory exercises for students to complete in order to take lessons, so no need for that at all. The theory and music itself is enough. The students study music for fun, learn some new tricks and have some fun.

Why do some teachers don’t offer ukulele lessons?

Not every ukulele teacher accepts students who just want to learn how to play an instrument. Others won’t offer a course unless they are paid a premium. It’s not because ukulele is not worth learning, but it has a lower tuition fee and higher fees to pay.

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Why do some teachers teach only ukulele and not classical music?

Even those who teach only ukulele or ukulele style classes, do not teach classical music because of cost reasons. It’s not for a lack of interest, but it takes up a lot of room in their schedule to teach classical music.

Do I need lessons at all?

Of course you do, it’s the least expensive way to learn in an affordable way. There are free ukulele lessons available in the UK and in many other countries, and you can often teach yourself to play ukulele in an hour. All ukulele lessons can be done at home, so no need for a teacher.

My ukulele player has a piano instructor, can she teach me lessons if I don’t have her piano instructor?

If you want her to help you study, she will want to practise with you on piano. If your player doesn’t have a teacher to practise on uke, then no, they can’t take lessons.

What is a tuition fee?

The tuition fee for ukulele is 25 euros per session. If you already have your lessons in ukulele, then you may want to try out

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