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To create the most consistent sound possible, learn and practice as many different songs as possible. Take away the ones that seem easiest and give your licks a few twists to keep your melodies fresh for years to come. The best lessons are in-depth ones that allow you to see exactly how a uke works, so you always have that information on hand.

What is the best way to learn bass uke?

I’d go with the book “Bass For Beginners” by Eric D. Schaller. The book has several free lessons that cover the basics of playing bass ukes, with additional instruction and tips for advanced readers. It has also been a great resource for bass uke pros, like Bill Evans.

For more on guitar and string bass, check out Guitarworld’s series on this topic.

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Do you teach and lead? Why or why not? What are you up to now or is it just a hobby? Tell us all about it!

I taught myself all around the world, from Germany to Mexico, with no formal schooling and no formal teacher. I taught a class at the International Academy of Music and Arts at the School of Natural Sciences in London. I also taught at many music stores in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Vancouver.

I am a jazz guitarist, bassist, composer, arranger, and an engineer. My last album was recorded at the Klimt Studio.

I currently teach at Music and Art School at the University of Colorado Boulder, and live in Denver for the winters.

On Wednesday, a massive blaze erupted at the Sainte-Mère-Église, one of the most expensive residential buildings in New York City, which housed a number of highly visible cultural institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, Radio City Music Hall, and the Bowery Ballroom.

And this was New York City in 2003, when you had four-star luxury living that most people would consider obscene — in one of New York’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Sainte-Mère-Église, as we know it today, remains a pretty significant part of the city’s historic architecture in a variety of ways.

Here, a quick roundup of eight significant buildings that are notable, historic, and worthy of your attention.

1. P.S. 60 — New York’s most prominent French restaurant —

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