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How would a “soprano uke” in the ukulele do?” – David Hecker.

This video is a sample of David’s book “Playing The Soprano Uke”, written in 2006, and published later in 2008.

A new study shows what may be one of the more alarming numbers in gun laws that came out late last year – the average length of time it takes to buy a gun.

The study by the Violence Policy Center showed that in 2013, law-abiding people – those who were not on the FBI terrorist watch list, who had not committed a crime in the past year, and who had not been convicted of any federal domestic violence crime – needed an average of six months to purchase a gun.

The study shows that the average time needed to purchase a gun was just over five years – or 3.5 years, if you believe that people buy guns more slowly than the FBI thinks they do. Even still, the FBI’s data showed that the average time of purchase was just under 7.5 years in 2013, and that’s assuming that the federal government doesn’t make a significant over-reporting error.

Here’s how far back the study got to see the lengths of time buyers needed to wait:

(Note: I have removed the “7.3 years” number because it is technically an error, and they have confirmed that error publicly.)

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The report was based on data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), showing average waits for gun purchases. They then matched those averages to the FBI’s terrorist watch list, which was a great tool for comparing the length of time people were waiting for guns to them to buy them. Because FBI data was available for those who were “suspected or confirmed” terrorists, this gave researchers a way to get a longer average time of purchase on those lists than would be possible with individual state data.

That average number is about 6.7 years – which is a bit short of what I think is realistic – but it’s a long amount of time, and it also means that, although it might take a while for people to make up their mind about purchasing guns, they could buy guns from other people who were not on the watch list.

This may seem counterintuitive, considering that the FBI tracks a lot of people who have been on the watch list who haven’t been convicted of any crimes, but as we all know, people often change their minds about gun ownership based

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