Is fingerpicking harder than strumming? – Can I Learn Ukulele Before Guitar

No, fingerpicking sounds more controlled, but the sound of a strumming string will not necessarily have more sustain. As you mentioned, a more powerful signal will produce more resonance and give a more accurate and realistic sounding sound. If you need a more direct response to your strumming, you can adjust the tuning of a strummer’s pickup as well.

Why doesn’t the P90 make my guitar sound as loud as a Strat?

The P90’s humbucker pickup offers the power, clarity & definition that guitars should have without compromising the low end.

Do I need a different pickup to play Stratocasters and Les Pauls?

As stated earlier in the question, the pickups in a Stratocaster and Les Paul are the same. What is different about your guitars? To learn more, see our guide on how to get the tone you want.

What is an aftermarket pickup?

All guitar manufacturers have aftermarket pickups that are designed to replace the stock pickups. It is often difficult to know what the aftermarket is made of since there are so many variations. Most standard pickups have a small amount of steel around the output coil and usually a black plastic cover. The aftermarket pickup is usually made up of a layer of aluminum that is bent into shape with a small amount of glue. In many cases, the coating is coated with a layer of nickel-plated aluminum. The finish often has some small amount of finish corrosion to prevent rust and corrosion of the output coil. Also, some aftermarket pickups have additional holes or other details that indicate the original model and are made to plug in into the factory jacks.

You can learn more about aftermarket pickups in our guide on Aftermarket Pickups
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How do I know if my guitar has aftermarket pickups?

For your best guitar performance, we do not recommend changing your sound without first talking with your tuner. Your tuners may need to be refluffed, as well as replaced if they are loose (if they’ve had a rough ride). All aftermarket guitar pickup replacement parts are made to fit the standard pickups (in fact, they might have been designed to fit aftermarket pickups).

What makes a good aftermarket pickup?

The “quality” of the aftermarket pickup (how much glue and material and how they fit into the standard humbucker) can vary greatly. It all boils down to how well the aftermarket is packaged and matched

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