Is fingerpicking harder than strumming? – Z Chord Ukulele

The truth is, it’s not. And it helps that fingerpicking is easy as fuck.

The Basics of Fingerpicking

Basically, pick the strings to the specific pitches in a particular key. Use a metronome or hold down a chord pedal like in the video.

There are different forms of fingerpicking depending on the style of music you play. I usually like to use my finger to strum up and down the chord.

If the key you’re playing in is a major key, you’ll usually go either uptop or downstrokes. If the key is a minor key, you’ll use upstrokes for the downbeats along with string bends and finger bends.

What Is a Dopamine Kick?

A dopamine kick is the sound of the strings strumming over a metronome and you get a sharp sound in the higher registers.

The best way to visualize this is to imagine a violin using a kick drum to sound the music. If I want the guitar to do a certain note, I push the kick into the lower register so the strings will strum, but the kick stays in the higher register to make the note sound bigger.

You can try it yourself. Make a guitar track. Add a metronome kick. Notice how your fingers are getting stronger and stronger as more and more strings are strummed.

That’s the theory. You don’t actually need to do that. Any musician who makes beats with their fingers will know that a simple metronome kick makes the beats that much stronger.

Practicing to Get Stronger

As I mentioned at the beginning, fingerpicking is an easy and fun way to increase skills you already have. The key is to practice until you get stronger. Use whichever hand you’re comfortable playing with to give you the strongest hands.

Do this with every fingerpick style you play. Get stronger with practice. Once you can start to pick the strings to a specific pitch, you can start to practice to get stronger on that specific note. By the way, note skipping won’t help, because by the time you know the note, it’s already written down on your fingerboard.

I’d start my practice right after I practice with a metronome or use a chord pedal. This way you can have it under your fingers in 30 seconds. By the time you reach a chord, you’ve already covered it with your fingers so you’re already

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