Is harmonica easier than guitar? – Best Way To Learn Songs On Ukulele Where You Picked

No, it actually is harder. Because you have to actually use certain fingerings (rhythm) and just move your fingers around on the fretboard. The harmonica has a lot of the fingers that you use on guitar, and you can do more.

Do you have a favorite harmonica string?

I’ve had so many, it would take forever to list them all. My most favorite is a white, 7mm string that I bought at a discount for a guitar I made. It was called the “Gibson” because Gibson came out in the 80’s with this particular model. I like the blue ones because the tone is a lot warmer.

What’s your favorite jam song to perform?

“Don’t Stop Living” is the best jam song, because it’s really catchy. There’s a lot of different places where you can do it. If you want to get fancy, there are some chords to play while you keep singing. They call them “jams.”

What’s your favorite recording instrument to record?

A real acoustic. I love to make the sounds live with the guitar. I just love my instrument. I’ve used several different kinds.

If you could record and re-record the band’s upcoming album, what track would you include at the end?

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Something like that. Then they’d have to pay for the recording fees. They can’t charge me anything other than what I think is a fair price.

Which song currently resonates with you the most?

I just discovered Queen’s “Poker Face.” It reminded me of playing a guitar and singing live with my friend.

How often do you practice?

I practice about once a month. Before my wife and I had kids, we would practice twice a week and we didn’t realize how much better we got. It’s really important. Especially if you are trying to learn from other people. I’ve been practicing that way for years now.

Have you ever had your own band?

No. We didn’t have any equipment. I’m not sure about recording any music with microphones. I’ve had a friend make a recording for friends that has always stuck in my head and it’s been a real inspiration. It’s called “What Is It About?” because it’s like a song written for us. I used to play it in the car to keep us awake.

What do you use for relaxation?

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