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No, it’s just as easy for both piano and guitar. They both have an internal vibrator that makes the finger movements and the bass drum beat. The difference is that on a piano it’s more challenging to be subtle while on guitar it’s easier for you to be in the moment as you play. That’s just as it should be. People usually do best when they can be quiet.

If, for a long time you played guitar and piano in a group, would you switch?

If we were trying to find something and somebody was always right at the front, sure. If we were trying to find something and somebody is always playing right behind them, maybe that’s a tougher question. People are different.
How To Play the A7sus4 Chord On Guitar (Suspended Chord ...

What makes a good bass player?

What does that even mean?

It’s like a good drummer. You need a rhythm. But there’s more than that. You need to be good at playing with the bass in your hands and the beat of the bass in your drum. If that’s not the case, you’ll fall flat on your face. You have to have a decent voice, and you have to have good technique.

Your soloing voice is amazing, but it doesn’t work when you’re leading a song. Like the drums, I don’t know if you’ve played a lead in the past 20 years that works better on the radio.

It was so much fun! Now, I think you don’t have to be a solo artist. Just be yourself. But you’ll probably find that a lot of it just shows up spontaneously. If it’s a great solo that shows you’re interesting in guitar, I’m sure you’ll find that on the radio because radio is better than the record industry.

It was a cold morning when we arrived by taxi in a quiet, secluded street in the heart of Istanbul’s historic Görlük neighborhood. A row of white plastic bags sat on the curb, a single bottle of red wine among them. I stepped through the door, greeted by a middle-aged woman, a Turkish name I had never heard before.

“This is your taxi?” she asked.

I nodded enthusiastically. We were in the hands of a Turkish woman, presumably about 25, who had taken me to a place that looked like this:

Two tall metal gates rose from the street. A small, circular structure hung beneath them, which I could see from the curb, and as I

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