Is saxophone harder than guitar? – Simple Ukulele Chords

I like playing saxophone… I want to be more jazz like…

Instrumentalism in your life, as someone who is more of a person who loves to draw and write, what have the results been like?

[Laughs] I am so inspired and amazed that it works… It’s so inspiring to have these voices that you love… and they’re still in the room, and they’re still in your head… I’m still working on my voice. There’s so much more it can be. I love all the genres. I love to draw to. I love listening to jazz. I love the blues. I love the classical world. I love a lot of the same things that I’m interested in… which is really great.

How did you come up with the name ‘Crazy’ for your band?

For me, ‘Crazy’ is always a positive word. It’s like I’m not a real crazy person. Like ‘dramatic’ or ‘wacky’ or ‘hyper’. All those words that I love. There is no ‘crazier’ than myself. Like, in real life, a lot of people say that I’m a really crazy person. They would be even more mad if I was real. Like, ‘What the fuck, that crazy person?’ [Laughs]

You also have an interesting relationship with music. You were in a band called ‘Blackie’, where you recorded a band called ‘Crazy Dancer’. I have to say that you’ve been one of my personal idols ever since! Who are some of your biggest influences in your personal life?

I’ve been lucky in the last few years to actually meet and play with some really exciting people. Like, ‘Madoka’, whose [music] I love so much. I’ve been a huge fan of that band for ages… like, ‘Madoka Magica’. But you know how when you watch Madoka Magica, it’s really hard to get into it, or you feel too tied in with ‘the plot’, that the characters are not really people that you can relate to? And that’s where I see it the most. I see it in how it’s just like it’s just a story, and you watch it like, the story’s all about me. But in fact, the main character of ‘Madoka Magica’ is actually an actual character from my life! So ‘Crazy’ is in that relationship.


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