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Q: Does the fact that saxaphonists are more likely to be injured on the saxophone mean that that is a more dangerous instrument?

A: It is more dangerous than guitar.

New York’s most prestigious music festival is just a few weeks away — and the organizers are using the time to bring together a stellar roster of talent. But as the festival prepares, a group of women are pushing to change the status quo by filing lawsuits against the city, hoping to bring a spotlight to the issue of violence against artists in New York City.

The Women’s Fund’s lawsuit says the city has a “duty” to protect artists from violence by police officers. It accuses the city of failing to adopt an ordinance guaranteeing protection from a “crime-prone lifestyle,” specifically sexual harassment and assault. The suit was filed in state Supreme Court in October.

“Our goal is to stop New York City from treating us and to protect those who wish to speak out against such behavior — a culture of sexism and violence,” says the group’s co-founder Marlene Tamblyn.

The women hope to rally support among concert-goers and community leaders by sharing their struggles with the world on Twitter. They are aiming to make their voices heard on the first day of the Women’s Fund’s festival, which takes place in the city on April 1.

In their first video, Tamblyn, Toni Davers and Jessica Valenti explain how they are harassed outside of the venue and that women are subject to “shaming and sexual harassment.” The women, who are all in their 20s by the time the video was created, offer graphic photos and descriptions of such assaults.

Tamblyn also writes on Facebook: “This is what the ‘music industry’ really amounts to. It’s a system dominated by privileged, power-hungry men that benefits only itself.”

Earlier this year, the city passed a law that requires police to record all interactions with concert-goers, including when a police officer says, “If you don’t have a ticket, I’m sorry.” But there are no provisions for recording incidents involving the performer, who is also entitled to be protected and interviewed. When asked about the lawsuit, NYPD spokeswoman Sgt. Nicole Mainor told Gothamist that they have no records related to the alleged incidents to be filed with the courts.

According to a New York Times report from earlier this year, the city is facing a $10 million lawsuit in addition

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