Is the ukulele a good first instrument? – Fun Songs To Learn On The Ukulele

It can be a great first instrument. If you play fast, it can be a blast. It can be done in any style like blues, rock, jazz, folk and everything in between. If you play a lot of the style that gets recommended you can be one of the most creative musicians.

One good tip is to start with a song already written out in the keys. Get a song that will be more than happy to take you to the piano. Take the lead off. Start writing and playing your own arrangement in the song. Then slowly change things up and make changes in the arrangement as you go. If you have a melody already on paper you can learn to play it. Use your ears too.

How do I learn ukulele chords?

Chords are easier to learn than scales which can be a bit tricky. You’ll get a feeling for how chords sound when working on a scale by playing around with it, and seeing how it sounds when ukuleling. I recommend using the scales in combination with the scales from the other instruments. You can also try improvising over the chords.

You have a little bit of practice with scales and then it’s a case of learning the chord changes with ukulele. Learning a chord progression can make playing ukulele feel much more natural and efficient.

There’s always an element of playing by ear because you can’t hear how your ukulele will sound with other instrument sounds.

How to practice at home?

There’s lots of places online where you can practice at home. You can even try out different ukulele tunings and see how it develops over time. I have an ukelele tuner app I’ll show you in this book.

What should I do if I want to get great sounding ukulele chords but I don’t have any good ukelele lessons yet?

Try practising chords over the song that you want to learn. If you can’t play a good chord tune quickly enough you might find it easier to practice with a different instrument that might help you out.

How can I make songs sound more unique?

For a better sound that’s all down to experience. If you’ve played some classical music you know what you want. You can try taking it apart by listening and see if you can get it to sound more like the old ones.

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