Is the ukulele a good first instrument? – Learn Ukulele Left Handed

It is so easy to get excited about the ukulele that I have never even gone to a gig or sung, so I’m not sure if I’m the right type of audience member to answer the question honestly. It really depends on how you feel the first time and the way it sounds. If you were to listen to the first couple ukuleles and say “Oh my god, this sounds pretty good, I’ll keep it a long time!”. It would not be the same as owning one, because you might just be a few songs or a few performances and you don’t fully know what it is like to pick it up. I have heard so many stories about ukulele players telling people they would buy it if they gave them something to sing on, but in my experience, it’s really hard to get what you really want.

So how can I go about finding out if there is a need for it?

There are so many great instruments that are made for learning and playing, which have a wide range of sounds, and the ukulele is no different. If you go online and try on the ukulele and listen to the different models, the sound you want can be a little different from one instrument to the next. My wife is a huge fan of the ukulele and has an incredible collection of different guitars and ukeles. We all love the sound and feel of something that is so different, yet it still has all the features of a standard ukulele. I have been listening to a new ukele with each ukulele I own, not just the ones that come in this range though. I’ve started buying music with the help of a friend that has a friend, and when we’re talking about learning or playing the ukulele, we tend to focus more on the sounds than the look. The difference between the models of these guitars is almost non-existent. If I hear a different sound on a different model and then I get on and play with the other models, the music doesn’t really differ from any other ukulele we’ve played with before.

In the first few months of a ukulele owner’s introduction to playing, how would you recommend you to learn the ukulele before you buy it? (I know I’ve done this already)

Get playing. Learn how it sounds, what the variations are and see if you like the sound.

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