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Why guitar?

Is ukulele better than guitar? Why guitar?

When you want to make a few easy changes to your iPhone and iPad design, you can use a free app called Design Studio to give your screens an elegant modern look.

The app lets you drag an image of the iOS device into Designer mode, then upload one or more images from your camera roll. Then design the screen by selecting the desired design from the list of pre-determined templates before uploading the design. Each template is different in layout, so the final product might be completely different from the one you chose.

Design Studio works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, so if you plan to make any major redesign that would radically change the user experience, you will probably want to test it out there. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step One: Choose the template.

Design Studio is meant for making a few changes to a single, custom iOS design. So when you select one of the template boxes under the Design section of the app, you are essentially creating a new design instead of moving from one template and then from there you might want to move around to make a few other changes in the next time you make a new version of your device. Design Studio does this automatically, however. You can select any template from the list by clicking Add to the Template section, and it will be saved on your device when you upload it.

Step Two: Upload the design.

Launch the Design Studio app, open your device’s Settings folder, and select the Profile page.

Select the Devices tab, and the Profile page will pop up with a list of all the devices that are signed into your Apple ID. Tap Add Device from the Profile page. Here you simply need to upload the image you want to use to create your new designs. The image upload is relatively simple, so let’s take a look at how we upload an image.

Download Image

To begin with, you can download any image you want, such as the iPad image below. You can download any image from your camera roll, you just need to select the image that you want to upload to make sure you select the appropriate image from the list of pre-defined templates.

Then open the photo that you downloaded, and choose Save, and you will find a number of options. Click the Browse button to choose the file.

You can download images using a single touch

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