Is ukulele easier than guitar? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Lessons Youtube

Yes. But is ukulele guitar easier than guitar? No. And if you really want to do something, get good at one. Guitar is an art form and a very technical instrument. You need a lot of practice, the guitar can take a while, but you can do it. ukulele is a simple piece of music that doesn’t require too much skill, you get used to it pretty easily, and then you practice.

What is your dream instrument? If ukulele isn’t a dream then what is it? I don’t have a dream instrument, I do what I can and that’s quite important for me. I have my favourite one in the end, my little keyboard. But ukulele. I think I might get used to it. We’ll see. My favourite one? That is a weird little voice and that’s my secret one.

What is the worst thing you heard your friend say when you two were playing together? I think it was when I was a child, my friend was playing guitar and he was very close to me, and I would hear him laugh when I played ukulele for the first time. And he told me something nice to him, and I was like… “It’s not bad, it’s not bad. It’s nice”.

You’re currently writing and recording a ukulele album. What’s next? We got a few more album ideas. Some of them are going to be in our music.

What would you recommend to anyone who wants to start playing ukulele? Just practice. Always get some music and some ukulele lessons. It’s really easy to learn.

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