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Or a bagpipe? Or a violin? Oh man, they just need a way to have fun! In the new years, just go and find your favorite instruments and start playing along! It is really really, REALLY fun!

But before you even get there, we need to know the correct way to play! There are three types of guitars that you can enjoy practicing on: standard, baritone, and concert. There are six kinds of basses, six kinds of lutes, and six kinds of clarinets (although not all of these instruments are actually basses!). You just need to figure out which one you like best.

Which one you like best? Because they’re all fun! This is a serious game about exploring and figuring out how to play the instruments you like. The aim of the game is to play your way up to the level of your favourite instruments. The players have to follow simple rules – you have to make sure you reach your own personal level as fastest possible and never take your eyes off the instrument!

How Many Players and In Which Game Mode

There are two ways to play: online and on-line. On-line, you choose your instrument in the on-line store, you select the difficulty, and you just play along! However, online means you can play online with fellow players! You can also play against other users if you want to.

What is the game all about? Well, you only get one chance to make your mark in the game! On-line, it is also much simpler! It is just a simple, fun game where you have to learn as you go along.

In-house development, from day one, has ensured that the game will fit in perfectly with all kinds of games, from casual to hardcore. It really will be good fun with casual games, especially the easy ones, whereas hardcore games will have to come to grips with some of the more complicated gameplay mechanics! In fact, the game will take into account its style in order that it will always be a fun game to play with! If that is not enough gameplay fun, there are also a number of other game modes to choose from: Endless mode, Death Mode, and many more. In fact, you can also compete with other users to find the best level. Of course, you can also try to get the highest score, which will increase in level in the game.

How Much Are We Raising?

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