Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – How To Learn Guitar Chords For Free

Most definitely not. Here’s why: the sound is so different that you won’t get it with the pick. The pick will either get in the way, or the instrument will be too loud. On the other hand, if you have the right pick for the job, a really nice pick will allow you to pick with your ukulele just fineā€”the picking quality is the same regardless if you have a pick or not. The key to picking an instrument with a pick is to play softly, with slow motion and a little effort. This can get tough if you’re trying to reach high notes, or if you’re using your ukulele as an extension to a bigger instrument. If you use your pick with your ukulele you should be able to pick at any point if it’s played well. If using a pick is too hard for you, you really can use your ukulele as a regular music case. There’s no need to spend a ton of extra resources to get the right pick for the job.

How well do you really know your ukulele?

Many people believe that they don’t know their instrument well, but it’s actually something you absolutely need to know to effectively play it. The ukulele’s simplicity, but the incredible versatility it allows, makes it a great instrument to learn.

What other instruments make things sound a certain way?

Finger Picking Patterns: Classical | Discover Guitar ...

If it’s not easy to do on your guitar, your ukulele might sound too low on your guitar. If guitar is too difficult to get into on your ukulele, you need it to sound a certain way on your ukulele. For more information, check out these articles: The Guitar Sound System: An Illustrated Guide for Non-Guitarist Musicians, And here is an article from my personal blog, My Ukulele Guitar, about the sounds a ukele can make using different strings and different tuning techniques. Also check out what I have to say for bass sound using my ukulele.

What are some keys of ukulele playing?

To play ukulele, you first have to learn all the key and technique. You have to know the notes (called ‘hand positions’) and the fingerings used. The way the notes sound in your instrument will also determine what key you play at the beginning of a song. You can read more about those keys in my articles for guitar and bass

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