Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Jazz Ukulele Strum

If you choose to use a pick you shouldn’t worry about being able to pick up the tone in the note that you are tapping on.

Why can’t I pick up the whole tone?

You may only be able to pick up part of the tone.

How many octaves does the instrument go up to?

The instrument only goes up to the first 5 notes. The instrument goes up as large as 6 notes, and down as small as 3.

What should I do once I’ve learned each note, and how close to the note is my tone?

You don’t need to worry about this at all – you can just pick one note in a scale and then play it.

What if I’ve had no practice at all?!

Go online and study to learn the scales for each scale, and when you’re ready then take the notes out to play them.

If I need a particular note more than 3 octaves away from the note that I am going to play how far away should I play it?

If it’s a note that you’re not able to tune a piano to, then you should be able to tune the piano to it, as long as you’re not playing notes that are too close to the note you’re trying to tune.

What happens if I start to over-tun up the scale that I’m trying to teach?

Do something similar to how you’re used to tuning your guitar – try playing it back to try and tune it. Once you have the scale down, it’s time to play it in the scale that’s already been mapped out for you.

What should I be careful with when I’m trying to learn scales that aren’t from the piano?

Moten Swing - Swing Ukulele - Gerald Ross - YouTube
When trying to learn scales from the piano instead of the real thing, always make sure you are playing notes that you know perfectly, so that you don’t have a difficulty picking up the notes in any notes that aren’t in the scale you have already mapped.

What should I be careful with when I’m trying to learn scales from the violin or banjo?

In both of these instruments the note you’re working with is a note that you have to memorise. Make sure that you’re able to tune the sound to each note as well, and you should be able to learn that scale perfectly.

How far do the octaves go out to?

All of the notes are numbered from

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