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It will always stay with them. There is no substitute for playing bass. It has to be something that is in your personality.”

“It’s funny to think about. I’m the same as always. I want to be a professional bass player. I want to be the best. But every time I’ve played my bass, I played it with a kind of attitude. This music is the opposite of my attitude. I’m not really a big fan of the whole funk, R&B, jazz and soul thing. This sound has nothing to do with the ’40s. It’s the new sound. It’s a sound of today, in a sense.”

“The last time we spoke we weren’t really close anymore. But then he said something like this: ‘Oh I understand. You want a job, I’ll give you one. But you’re doing it too soon.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m going to do this for a living.’ ”

But he is not so sure about this. He says there is room in all this for someone else who wants to take the bass playing as much seriously as he does:

“For me the bass has become my first love. I like the way it plays. I still use an old Hammond-style electric, a couple of pedals like tremolo and tremolo tailpiece, and I’ve got a few nice electric guitars. But the bass is what I play now at every gig. The bass is what keeps me playing.”

And, speaking of gigs, he says that for him it has been a long period of a total absence: “I haven’t been really playing bass since we recorded [In the Realm of the Sirens] back in ’74. I’ve had about three good years since then. I don’t play any concerts anymore. My wife and my kids are out of the picture.”

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When he did make a comeback in the ’90s, it was through the “Jagr for America” concert tour that played in Los Angeles in 1995, and then he continued touring for about two years. When I asked whether he has any plans for that tour, and whether he would be able to play the instruments he plays to death, he said that he will play some things, like organ on some of the songs he played in 1995. But he has very seldom played in concert these days, as his current commitments will make that impossible.

On that subject, he said, “I never

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