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The ukulele is the instrument that is used by people who are the poorest in this country,” he said.

He also attacked those who “are living life, and they don’t get to enjoy or even hear music, if it is their main choice, their own, their own choice.”

Gibbons said there’s a big difference between a karaoke machine and a live concert. “That’s not art. That’s entertainment,” he said.

Gibbons was a guest speaker at the American Foundation for the Arts event “New Faces of Art” on Thursday. His talk was in front of 2,000 people, and it was streamed live online and can be heard on WBZ-TV’s Internet streaming channel.

The talk was a part of The Gifted and the Strange, a series produced by the American Foundation for the Arts.

“If you want to see a musician who lives and breathes music, this isn’t the show for you,” said director Kevin DeWitt.

Gibbons was born in Los Angeles. He went to Columbia College in New York as well as UCLA, graduating magna cum laude in music studies.

He has a son, Ryan Gibbons, and a daughter, Sarah Gibbons.

Gibbons is featured on the exhibition “Boys in the Trees” on display at the American Foundation for the Arts as well as the exhibition titled “The Voice of America” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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The first-ever UK series of animated shorts starring a black woman has been picked up by BBC1, marking the first time such content has been given the prime-time go.

The film will have a limited run of 100 episodes from March 2016, with the aim of building a relationship with African voters ahead of the UK general election.

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