What do you call someone that plays the ukulele? – Learn Ukulele Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A musician.

I like that.

How did you first hear about it?

I’ve heard about ukulele through friends of mine who are playing it. The only other way to find out about this is on youtube.

Who is the band that created the song?

It was a local band who had been playing since 2008. They left to start their own label and they made this song called “J.O.S.S.” I knew it when I saw the cover art on the album and that song is the first single off our new album.

What is it about ukulele? Are there any similarities to guitar or bass?

It has a different sound than a lot of the guitars and bass. I think its because its such a great instrument that I love. It’s really easy to learn. Its not like a guitar and bass, its a very different musical instrument. It’s a little bit more in the realm of the blues, but I love that instrument. I feel like people should know that, it’s great.

The city of Dallas is looking to boost awareness through the new “Wear Your Heart On Your Face” campaign. “In our modern world, we need to be able to smile, laugh, and live life in a positive and hopeful way,” said Mayor Mike Rawlings, whose administration has also put a new logo on the city website.

Downtown Dallas, like many cities across the US, faces a serious crime problem. With more than 13,000 shootings in 2015, according to the FBI, and 1,700 murders, according to the Dallas Police Department, that means more than half of the city is in the top 25 most dangerous cities in America, according to the US Department of Justice’s latest report, released in April.

A new campaign is trying to change perceptions – and potentially save lives.

Dallas police Chief David Brown. He is running against Mike Rawlings as the next mayor, on May 16

Dallas’s new “Wear Your Heart On Your Face” campaign encourages residents to wear bright or black clothing in an attempt to improve public order and safety. This week, the city unveiled a new logo that includes the text “DPD,” a bold nod to its mission of community policing and community safety. More than just a logo, the new “Wear Your Heart” campaign also emphasizes the importance of getting out of your car, putting down your phone and going to the

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