What do you call someone that plays the ukulele? – Riptide Ukulele

The ukulele is my main instrument of choice, but my brother plays a lot of them.

How did you first become in tune with the instrument?

As a child my dad would play the Ukulele. I have never been able to tune it very well and in school there was not a real lesson on how to play it. It’s just a matter of learning chords.

What has been your favorite song/lecture about the instrument so far?

When I first started listening to music I liked the ukulele quite a bit, but I never really found any music with ukulele in it.

How’d you begin teaching yourself the ukulele?

I just started to play on the ukulele at the age of 14. When I was teaching myself I used to make ukulele lessons with a friend, who was one of the best teachers I have, to get myself more and more in tune with the ukulele.

What music have you played or played for fun in the past?

There was a ukulele part in a few songs, but in the end I stopped taking lessons to focus on my ukulele.

What is your most popular ukulele that you have played recently? How does that compare to other people’s favorite ukulele?

The ukulele is my main instrument of choice, but my brother plays a lot of them. There are some other popular basses that I have picked up that are different to mine, but they are really popular with the ukulele community.
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What was the funniest thing that you’ve heard/seen from an ukulele player?

I have heard the whole ukulele in a million ways! I had an older woman who asked me how to get my mom to come over and play the ukulele. I then told her my dad was going to play it for her, and after that was done she said “oh, I got the ukulele now…”

What kind of music can ukulele lead to?

The best music to be able to play with the ukulele is really any kind of music where they give you a lot/any instruments to learn. In many cases ukulele can lead to piano, guitar, and drums.

What instrument are you proudest

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