What fingers do you strum a ukulele with? – Beginner Easy Ukulele Songs With Chord Diagrams

Your fingers should either be large, thin, like a drum, or very thin, like a finger!

What do you think of playing “The Star Spangled Banner?”

You are not playing it right now, but the song is a big part of the national anthem.

For how long does the national anthem have to be played to get approval?

Thirty seconds.

What do you think about watching a TV show in which someone plays the national anthem?

On Saturday night, the New York Times gave Republicans the news they so desperately wanted: a clear case that the president is not a Russian agent. A day later, a Times reporter reported that the FBI believes the dossier is “part of a Russian effort to discredit him.” He’s now being asked publicly to say when he has seen it.

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The New York Times has a very good rule: If it can’t use it, throw it away.

On Saturday, Times reporter Kevin Roose reported that the bureau believed the document was an “independent, unverified and unverified claim” that President Donald Trump’s associates had repeated contacts with the Russian government during the campaign and transition. The piece was based on an interview with current and former American officials and the documents themselves, all of which had been collected by a former British intelligence officer.

Roose was careful to mention that there was nothing in the dossier that directly connects Trump to the Russian effort — no proof, no evidence, not even accusations. But even if there were evidence, the bureau’s conclusion that these contacts were “not unusual” and “not at all inappropriate” might have been compelling news for the Times.

But Roose made something else clear: This is not a “full-blown investigation” and there’s nothing in the dossier that’s a “smoking gun.”

But then he followed up with this:

[T]he FBI has seen a copy of the dossier, officials said,” and it was circulated early in the investigation as the bureau sought to build a case against Mr. Trump’s associates, according to one of these officials.

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And then he reported some very bad news:

One senior American official, who had seen a dossier, also expressed concern that there was a potential for collusion between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russian operatives to help put him in the White House, officials said. The official said Russian intelligence officers had repeated contacts with at least

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