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We’ve seen those with thumb holes, and those that have thumb studs—we even had one with a hole in it. We have a few thumbed ukulele models from a few years back, which have both studs and thumb holes…and we had to take a bit of a hit when we bought one of those and the guy didn’t know how to put them inside a nut.

[Laughs] But not as much as one might be led to believe. People come in and tell us they’ve never strummed a U.S. standard ukulele before, and some of them have been to Nashville. So you learn about our process, but it never sounds like a walk in the park, either. I think it’s pretty cool when you see our strummers—myself in particular, the first thing they do is open the back, and we’ll take the whole back for the most part. I’ve not had to string anything with my finger on the back that I’ve strum on anything in the history of my life.

[laughs] A U.S. standard ukulele with a fixed nut (it’ll go in one way, then come out the other—you can see the two pins in the photo for reference):

Or with a finger nut:

I just finished a set of ukulele strings made by our friends at Upright.com, and they make very high quality strings, and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars, but they’re really great quality. The strings come out the back of the ukulele, and I’m going to try them out, and then if I like them, I’ll purchase some more.

There’s not a ton out there that’s better than yours, but I’ve always wanted to build up my strummer repertoire. We’re in the process of getting together, and I’m looking forward to getting down there and putting ukulele strings on all of my fingers.

My first finger in particular will definitely be my standard Stratus.

I would also really like to upgrade my Stratus to just the standard tuning on the fretting side. I use my Stratus to fret my F# and C# when the strings are up on my finger. I like the lower fret setting when it has the same tonal signature. But I have some really cool plans for the Stratus.

My favorite guitar I played at Woodstock

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