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Is there a right answer? This is not a question. It is a question of personal preference – which instrument is the best, and which is the one to get in your hands first. To that end, what is my ukulele picking style? That question is very subjective, because there are so many to choose from. You can spend a lot of money on the right model and it might not work for you. To that end, I have found a few tips and tricks that help me get to the right instrument for my playing style. However, the more I practice and practice I start to get a certain type of sound that is most consistent in my playing. I hope it is useful to someone out there. The following is a list of my favorites and what works for me playing ukulele. I’ve been using this list for almost 3 years, and some of the things I’ve learned are very personal. I’m sure other players will have different opinions, but I am trying to be as accurate as possible. I tried to take the time to pick a variety of styles, and it might not make sense (or even be the most logical) for me to list them below. I’ve also taken the time to choose ukulele parts. If you know of better sites (which I didn’t include), let us know!

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I’ve noticed a big jump in pricing the past couple of months, especially for a more expensive uke. Where I went from buying an old Fender B-35 “Aerolust” as a gift for my Dad (he has a great ukulele), to going to Guitar Center last May and seeing prices for instruments up to $100. That doesn’t even give you those great deals for a ukulele I can buy on line or at a store! That’s why I’ve been going with a lot of good deals – I don’t want to risk something for something really crappy. The most affordable ukulele I like (well, for now) is a G+ Music model, the RSD-40-2 (which comes in a set of two or four). When I found out that there were limited quantities of the RSD-40-2, I jumped at the chance to save. It has a big bright white headstock, a black pickguard, and a nice maple neck. It has the top of the string pegs made of the same maple as the rest of the body. The strings go to two

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