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Well when buying a Uke I would suggest going for the one with that unique feature (not just for sound, but also look as well) or an older uke that you have loved and that has been around for a while. There were many great and popular models in the 70s and 80s, and most of them are now in good condition. I would suggest a good budget brand because they all have low prices and will be of high quality.

Do you have a favourite instrument?

I have bought so many instruments which all have had something special about them. When I bought my first Uke, I loved it so much the more and more I played it, the more I began to miss it. So when it died I felt sad because it was only a year or so old and still has its soul intact. The following year I bought another one, and again when I played it the next time the sadness returned and the next few years passed quickly without me playing another Uke again. So yes, I do have a favourite instrument for all it’s qualities although it is different each time.

Do you have a good Uke drum set?

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Yes, a couple of them have some nice features like the snare drum and the cymbal stand (or rather the drum, the cymbals are usually under the kit) and this is one of the reasons why I get so many requests for some of my kits.

What is your musical style?

I play a lot of jazz and classical and mix it all with rock. I really like to make it personal for each piece of music i play.

What’s your favourite Uke drum kit or drum kit set?

I don’t have any favourite kit as each Uke I play is unique and has its very own personality (just look at the photo above, I am playing a great uke that I am very happy to keep). But I absolutely love this one!! And it also has a nice feature of the bass drum, and the snare drum.

Do you plan to buy any more Uke kits?

I just hope to get one to keep, and the one that I will buy in the next few years, which I don’t remember but I was really happy with was a new version of the Kaleido. You read about it’s history in my post last year…


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