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There were also two different instruments played at the same time at the concert that made a big difference in the entire performance.

I’m going to describe each instrument in a series of notes.

The trumpets came in at 1bpm with an incredible sound

“I think he’s coming”

“Oh, yeah. He’s coming, yeah”

Then the first note of the second bar came in at 2bpm and at this rate I expect these trumpets will sound more like the tenor ukuleles.

“No, he’s not coming”

But at 3bpm the trumpets really dropped out and became the tenor ukuleles.

At 4bpm, the instruments were played at a full 20bpm and by this rate you should expect the pianos to take that sound into the lower register

“Oh, my god that was way too fast”

This all leads up to the final point where the orchestra broke into the second set in the closing bar which was played at 4apm in the piano and the flutes at 7apm and the trumpets at 9apm.

As I said, this is how my ears work: I hear a low volume sound with two instruments, usually one of which is very fast followed by a slower one. I then look up the next bar and, in our case, the concerto (at 6bpm) and the second piano bar (at 7bpm and 8apm in the piano) followed by the first piano bar (at 11bpm) and the flutes at 13bpm.

At this rate, you should get this note:

“Oh yes, he’s coming, he’s coming, yes. You’re right, he is. We’ve had the concerto on, we’ve heard all the pieces already, you’ve heard every note in the concerto already”

Then there’s a period of silence followed by the piano at 1bpm followed by the flutes and then followed by the orchestra.

At 8 minutes and 10 seconds, the piano starts playing the first piano bar again and then the trumpet begins its entry while the orchestra sings the bar.

At 20 minutes and 30 seconds and 40 seconds and 50 seconds, everyone sings the second piano bar again. The orchestra plays this last piece in the background while the choir and percussion play, and

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