What is the difference between a concert and tenor ukulele? – Youtube Learn How To Play Ukulele

Can you play a 10′ solo uke in a bar? If so, how well do you know your instrument, and when would be a good time to play a solo ukulele in a bar? Join our ukulele coaching group (we will be doing a few lessons in December) and hear the advice of some of Australia’s top ukulele teachers.

Are ukuleles the perfect instrument? Or can you teach a five-string uke to stand up on its own? We ask uke teacher and teacher trainer Michael Hall at The Tasting Room to help.

How to build a good ukulele? We hear from uke players with real-life stories to tell including Tom Kastlin at the Adelaide Bar and Grub, and David Gough and Scott Gough, owners of ukulele specialist business Ukulele International Limited.

Are your playing techniques the same as the average 10-year-old? Is your guitar the best instrument for you? Or should you try taking up the guitar or bass or drum? In our guide to learning to play an instrument, we ask three ukulele players how they started playing and how they learnt to become good players.

What’s the best way to learn to play? We see how students from across Australia tackle the tricky part of improving your ukulele skills, by showing them a few different ways to improve your technique and help you learn the instrument from scratch.

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