What is the fastest way to switch chords on a ukulele? – Ukulele Songs

It’s one of those things where you look the answer in the dictionary: one is called up and one is down. A chord is two chords joined together, so one is down, the other one is up. And that’s why when you play around on your uke, it looks a bit strange.

But then in the ukulele we can play the way a guitar would play. So you have one chord, just one line of chords. No matter what you’re doing, if it’s just playing one chord, a bar and a half, you’ll play it just one way. If you’re playing two chords, you’ll play them up and down, and that one way, that’s it.

Now, if you play all that with just one chord, then it’s going to sound a bit weird. You’re going to have to think how to get that chord out of your songs. And then from that, when you play it on your uke, it gives the impression that there are more chords on that one chord.

Which is a good thing?

It depends. If you’re doing it with just one chord, you’re doing it just one way. If you do it with a group of chords, it gives the impression of there being even more chords that are coming after that one chord. So you get the impression that there are many chords there. And that’s a good thing.
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How do you know when you’re done, and you need to start the next chord?

Well, there’s an indication we got here. When we start off by playing a full chord, we will stop the current chord. On a guitar you will stop the current chord.

How do you do that on a uke?

When you play the chord, you move the ukulele closer or further from the speaker, to the chord that you want to play. That’s exactly what happens on an instrument. That’s why on a violin the strings come up before the strings on the uke.

When do you stop in a chord? How far apart are you from the speaker?

Well, on an instrument, they won’t stop the current chord because of a certain number of notes, so sometimes it’ll be like two notes or three notes. And if you go that way, it sounds like there are a bunch of things coming after it. Like on a uke, on the upstroke there’s a

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