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The best ukulele for beginners is the KU-500. The KU-500 has an amazing feel and beautiful sound. It has great sustain and great projection as well. The string size (8 and 9 string) makes it easier to pick up and play. It also has a small number of very bright trebles. The KU-500 is one of the most affordable ukuleles to play and is an excellent choice for beginners.

What about a full size ukulele?

A large ukulele with a large number of string gauges can be a powerful instrument if used properly. However, a larger ukulele can put a lot of pressure on your upper back as well as the vocal cords. If you’re wanting a full bodied ukulele that will get you where you need to go, the Rango is probably a better choice than your typical full sized ukulele.

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If I get a good ukulele, can I sell it?

Yes! You can buy a used ukulele for very cheap and keep it to use as a beginner ukulele or to play if you really want to. This is especially true if you get your ukulele as a present (or you got it from a friend for Christmas). In this case, you can easily buy a fresh ukulele and return it to the shop to keep. You should also be aware though that having a used ukulele could cause your guitar to sound much different later when the strings don’t wear out as fast. For this reason you don’t want to buy an old instrument and just expect it to sound like it did last time. If you do sell a used ukulele, make sure you get it repaired and re-voiced.

What are all the other kinds of ukuleles out there?

You’ll find different ukuleles out there ranging from full size to traditional to small and super super limited edition. There are many other ukulele models like baritones and ukes (which you can read here).

Will I have problems with my new ukulele?

If you get a good ukulele it’s highly unlikely that your guitar will sound badly after many hours of practicing on it. There are a lot of myths about new ukuleles and they can make you feel more scared than you actually are

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