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This question might seem like a silly one, but you might want to add some ukulele practice to your schedule. For a beginner, the best thing to do is to find some good uke lessons on the internet, and get practice times for your ukulele that are consistent with when you’ll be practicing.

Here’s an example, one way to practice ukulele that a beginner might try is to just sit on a chair and jam on a little ukulele with your fingertips. I like to practice with an oscilla (stringed bass) as I find it more manageable and fun. A little practice on a oscilla is also really helpful to start off with. Some ukulele practice videos are available online, but it’s also a better idea to practice with your ears and start with the ukulele.

What would you say are the main things beginners need to know as they practice?

There’s lots of advice online about what beginners should practice too, but a lot of it is about how to get better at the techniques involved. In general, beginners should know the fingering patterns and the fingerings that are good for that particular technique, but they should also learn some variation of the fingering.

So a beginner might learn to play a few variations of a fingering and then go one step further and have some different fingering combinations and patterns. You should also practice variations of the fingering where you play with different strings. This will give you a bit more control over which strings you will play with, and if you play one string on one finger and the next string on another, you will know which string to move for that.

What is your favourite ukulele lesson that you know of that’s written about on this site?

If I have a favorite lesson, it would be my guitar learning video. I’ve been playing guitar at home for like 5 years and this video really simplified a lot of the learning and practice I went through. I hope it gets more videos like this and more videos on this website.

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