What’s the easiest song to play on ukulele? – Youtube Learn Ukulele Birthday Song

There are songs I use for everyday practice and I don’t listen to the songs frequently so I’ve been asked that a lot. But it’s something completely different, I’m sure. I’m using the song to help me with my rhythm, and to get ideas for the melody. And then I’ll use it as an instrument.

How do you think your audience compares to other popular musicians to the U.S.?

I think people in the UK and around Europe are not just fans. I don’t think there are any other famous musicians in the UK.

Have you ever thought of doing a tour in Europe (not the U.S.) or going to any other countries in the world?

I wish, but it’s a lot more complicated to do that than going to the U.S. My schedule is way too difficult. I’m very blessed to have such good support from the band. [laughs] I’ve been in Europe now a few times, but there is the other side – if I want to go back home to the UK now, we’ve only done one show with the U.S. so far, so it would be impossible to get us to do a tour in other parts of the world. We have the luxury of doing a tour in one place, but that takes some time, and if we want to go to new places, we have to go over the ocean to do that.

Have you thought about going on tour overseas or going to any other countries?

No. We’d rather focus on our U.S. tour. Our fans know that we love to bring it live, but we would rather make sure we’re staying close to home. We would play the U.S. if necessary but a European tour would be much easier.

Do you worry that you are going to get out of control if you make such a big commitment?

I love to play and have a good time but I have to make decisions that are good for the fans, so this isn’t just me trying to sell records. It is about listening to what we’re doing with our fans and we want to do things the right way. We are taking it very seriously. I am very motivated to do this live and we have a lot of things planned and we have a lot of material that we’re working on as well – including the second album. I think as a band it is the time to do things the right way if we want

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