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A “highly decorated special forces veteran who fought in some of the most dangerous places on earth” has died after he suffered a heart attack while training at a base in Iraq, according to a police statement.

Staff Sergeant Eric T. Brown, 33, was in Iraq on a training mission from August 2012 to July 2013 and died while preparing for a raid into an Islamic State-held city, the statement said.

It said the death was not combat related and that it was unclear whether Brown had received any “medical treatment.”

Officers at Fort Hood in Texas confirmed that he was a member of the military but declined to discuss his current status. It was not reported how long he was deployed.

Brown had served in the US Air Force with the 82nd Airborne Division, the force said.

“Staff Sergeant Brown, a highly decorated special forces veteran, was tragically killed today in a tragic accident while training inside of an ISR (intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance) site,” said Lt. Col. Robert Lewis, commander of Fort Hood’s 7th Special Forces Group.

“The US special forces community, including its elite unit, the 82nd Airborne, mourns the loss of our hero. We continue to support the families and loved ones of Staff Sgt. Brown and will continue to assist the Department of Defense with their investigation,” he added.

Brown’s death has added to criticism that the US has not been able to win the war against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria as described in an internal Pentagon assessment.

“We’re losing ground faster than we’re making it up,” Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col Robert Manning told the US public affairs office.
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There’s a reason the U.S. has historically relied on the power of a nuclear deterrent in its campaign to deter and respond to the use of nuclear weapons.

No one could have anticipated that, in the span of 20 months, five different U.S. presidents would order a nuclear strike to be launched on a country — Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea — that posed no immediate threat to America’s national security.

As an initial matter, the most significant impact of these six nuclear strikes is simply to make Americans fear they’re next. While the majority of those on the U.S. hit list were clearly “bad guys” — whether that’s a member of al-Qaeda or the Iranian regime — nearly every single one of them had some type of close relationship with

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