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You’re not really a big guy and your hand is too big to reach across the keyboard on the ukulele, and you don’t want to get tangled up with your uke. Don’t worry too much however, the neck of a good ukulele will have enough room to spread out your fingers and your hand will be more than happy to make up a little space and then move on to another position. Just like in the piano, the sound will vary as you practice, I have found that if you play the notes as quickly as you can, the sound will become more ‘human’, or more like you. So for example, if you play a high-speed, fast note and you can ‘tap’ to it, you’re gonna be able to play with more fluid and accurate speed. But if you try to play like somebody else does, this sound will become a bit different. (The sound is not the most natural, you’ll just have to practice it enough to not lose the sound and ‘fiddle’ with it to get it into the right place!)

How to make good notes?

When it comes to playing notes, the best practise is to keep practicing your first few positions. Just as we said, note sounds do vary as you practice, your notes will become less high-pitched and more like the sounds on the piano (or the ukulele of course). This is why it helps to keep practicing in these first positions before you start in the faster positions. There are many possibilities to do so, but some people like to keep moving through them gradually. (The faster the first position, the easier the next position.) But if you have a very fast finger, you can always keep it where it is. But if you try to move your finger fast enough, you will hurt your finger or cause it to slip. So try to let your finger move smoothly across the keys.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes when you hold the uke, it might sound too heavy. So try to keep it light so the sound is less unnatural and is more appealing to the listener. Try playing through your head at first so you can hear the sound. Then, slowly lower the uck and back the uke and keep playing.

Practice also helps to strengthen your hands. You might try to go through your ukulele with a hand held close to your body. When you go through your first few positions, you will

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