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Uke is known for his unique character and unusual playing style. The ukulele has been in use for thousands of years without any standardised style or instrument.

The ukulele is an improvisational instrument that is simple, beautiful, warm, expressive and natural. It will inspire you, change your life and have you asking “How can I learn this?”

Uke’s versatility includes acoustic, electric, banjo, tuba, percussion, drums, keyboards and more. Just imagine the possibilities!

A new study suggests the human brain can be activated by a mere sip of coffee, in what would be the first brain stimulation with the drug, or alcohol.

Researchers at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health used functional magnetic resonance imaging to monitor the brain’s activity after subjects had a two-minute session of drinking coffee or a two-minute session without drinking at a caffeinated rate. The researchers report in JAMA Neurology that the volunteers were the loudest listeners of songs recorded while they were awake.
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The music was composed by Pauline Kael and played with headphones and an iPod for 30 seconds.

“This data shows that when the brain is under intense pressure—as it may be during a caffeine intoxication, or even stress response, such as for instance an automobile crash”—the brain responds to such stimulation to enhance or maintain alertness, the researchers wrote.

“The brain is an incredibly efficient machine, and we’re only just discovering all the ways in which it can respond,” says co-author Eric Reiman, M.D., director of the Mailman Medical School’s Alcohol Use Disorders Program. “Coffee affects the way that the brain works. Whether that is driving a car to work, or whether it’s driving that drink that gets you in trouble, or how it affects the ability to have a sexual connection.”

It appears, they write, that the brain’s neural processes might work best when the brain is under intense physiological pressure.

“Coffee stimulates the brain,” Reiman says. “The more stimulating it is, the more its efficiency will be enhanced in terms of the speed at which its brain signals are being received from other parts of the brain. Caffeine will amplify the signal that the brain puts out, so it can get out to people.

“Think of driving a car at 70 miles per hour, and now think of it traveling at 30 miles per hour, and now make something

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